Our strong products include pigment yellow, pigment red...
Characteristic of pigments used on offset ink: good flow, low visibility. Characteristic of pigments used on water based ink: high strength, good glossy, low visibility, storage stability. Characteristic of pigments used on solvent based ink: high transparent, good glossy, good flow, low viscosity, non Gel.
Characteristic of pigments used on paint: high strength, good hiding powder, good light fastness, good weathering resistance, environment protection.
Characteristic of pigments used on plastic: good heat resistance, migration resistance,easy to disperse, good resistant to cooking.


Welcome to Karray New Material (Jiangsu)Co.,Ltd

  Karray New Material (Jiangsu)Co.,Ltd  was founded in 2007. The annual output of pigments has reached  18,000 metric tons. About 70% of our pigments are sold to  60 countries and regions worldwide, including Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.
  karray has a wide portfolio of red, yellow, and orange pigments, including more than 60 products  and more than 100  grades. The pigments are widely used in the industries of paints, inks, plastics, coating, and textile printing.
  karray is committed to meet and exceed customer needs in pigments. We have established strong capabilities in product development,manufacturing, and customer services.


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